Mysterious Skull - What is it?

We occasionally receive photos of skulls with tall, narrow heads. These appear unusual but are usually the result of "boarding," where an infant's head is purposely bound between two flat pieces of wood. In some cultures this elongated shape is seen as a sign of royaly, especially in early Egypt, Africa and in some South American cultures.

This image is different. The skull appears to be overly large and round, giving the appearance of a stereotypical "gray" alien.

We're not saying that's what it is, but it does make us curious. The being seems to have lived to adulthood with this condition.

Can you identify this ? If you can, please send information to

Thanks, staff

UPDATE! We have received a full report on this skull. Please read about it at StarChild Skull om viewzone.

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It is very interesting indeed. Notice how the top of the skull bulges to accommodate the two hemispheres of the brain. It seems this being had a very large brain. It's too bad the jaws and front part of the skull are missing or it might have been possible to reconstruct the face. Anyway, very strange indeed.

Keith Bloking

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