by Dan Eden

What at first appeared to be a story about a group of politically oriented, staged media events, designed to influence voters of gun control in Arizona somehow ended up revealing a global plan for world control and domination by the same evil folks who brought us most (if not all) of our past (and present) big wars.

I will let Ed tell you about this, in his own words:

[The following text was sent by Ed after being asked to explain the Big picture which makes sense of everything he has shown us in his photographic evidence. We welcome any corrections, criticisms or feedback and will be sure to pass this along to Ed. -- Viewzone]


The BIG Picture

Let me explain. I understand this is a long one, but it's very important. I tell you this as you begin to venture down a road that will shake the foundation of everything you think you know. Let me fill you in on the history that is not in the text books and maybe you will understand how we got to where we are today, with fake news events and all.

Let me first tell you I am not a prejudice person. As you read this story you will hopefully begin to see the facts that are being kept from the public -- not the least being those in the Jewish community. This information comes from friends of mine who had family members in the concentration camps. They are now telling the truth about the situation that has been suppressed by those in our government that are direct descendents of those in the political movement that started in Germany called the Nazi movement.

First you must understand the word Nazi. It was created when the "National Socialist" and the "Zionist" parties came together in Germany. You must clear your mind of what you have been told, and picture in your mind what a "Nazi" really is. They were not German to begin with. These two parties, the "National Socialist" (who were both Jewish and German), and the "Zionist" (who were all Jewish), came together and hatched a plan. They would either convert the other Jews who did not want to take part in what they considered their overall global objective. Anyone opposing them would face being put in the work camp (known as concentration camps) or be killed.

The population of Germany consisted of many different cultures at that time. Jewish individuals were accepted just like any other people. The population then looked much like the population of the Unites States today. Some people were poor and others were rich, as you would expect. [1]

There were rich Jews and poor Jews, rich Germans and poor Germans just like anywhere else on the planet. How do you think the Jews got those paintings, gold, jewelry, money, etc. that you hear so often being taken by the Nazi forces during the war? They lived just like the rest of Germany at that time.

This disparity of wealth came to an abrupt end when the Nazi Party (remember, this Nazi party was made up of the richest Jews and Germans who wanted total control of the people) began to rise in power. They elected Hitler as the front man for their political party and began to call on the other Jews in Germany to follow their plans.

Remember Bush's comments "You are either with us, or you are with the Enemy"? Where do you think this statement comes from? You must remember Prescott Bush his Grandfather was part of the Nazi political Party [source].

I hope you are now starting to see the truth behind the Nazi party and in fact they were not primarily German but were majority Jewish. So you had Zionist Jews, attempting to force the Non Zionist Jews to either conform to their demands, or face being put in the work (concentration) camps or worse face death.

Now in order for this political party to get the rest of the German population to back them, (remember just as the Jewish community was split between Zionist and non Zionist, so was the German population split between the National socialist and the non socialist groups) they needed to get the rest of their population to back them (the Nazi party) in order for them to begin their conquest of Europe. So how did they accomplish this? Simple, they pulled off a false flag operation that our history books document as the Burning of the Reichstag.

Hitler, through his elected officials, hatched a plan to burn what would be the equivalent of today's "white House" and blamed it on a fictitious person named Van der Lubbe. What the history books tell you about this person is a bold face lie and he didn't exist. It was Hitlers men who performed this operation and concocted the story that Van der Lubbe was a Communist and that communist were attempting to overthrow the government, when in fact it was the National Socialist, backed by the Zionist and their funding, that were actually behind it.

This prompted the suspension of the civil liberties the people of Germany were accustomed to and the door-to-door search for anyone they considered a communist or were standing in the way of their total domination -- subject to being labeled an 'enemy of the state' and subject to arrest and, in some cases, shot on site.

The onset of the capture and eradication of the Jewish population was in fact funded by the richest of the Jews -- the Zionist Jews -- that made up the Nazi party. They funded the party and put Hitler in the position of power. They pulled the equivalent of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. They are the same Zionist that now sit in positions of power in the United States, who with the help of the same German descendents (i.e. the Bush family, Bush SR., who if you remember is the son of Nazi Prescott Bush). It is he that created the CIA with the help of other Nazi families. That's why he ran it in the beginning. That's why the CIA was involved in removing JFK -- a person who stood in defiance of their plans to go to war with all other nations.

Kennedy was not going to allow the Vietnam war to escalate and was pulling the advisers back when he was killed. Afterwards they staged the "Gulf of Tonkon" lie and the rest is history...

The incorrect belief that after the war the Nazi individuals only came over through Project Paperclip is not accurate. Now keep in mind this is the beginning of what I like to call the propaganda period. Edward Bernays the Nephew of Sigmund Freud began to develop his methods that focused on the psychological manipulation of humans in order to successfully sell them products. He is considered the 'Father of Propaganda and Marketing'. In 1929 he set the stage for those who are of the belief that money is king and nothing else matters. [a href="">source]

It was he, Bernays, along with the other Zionist who remember were part of the Nazi movement and they themselves Jewish, set out to control every aspect of anything that was considered a means to propagate their message to the population. This included TV, Radio, and Printed Publications.

It is the funding of those elite and the policies that clearly state to promote within and only those who are of the same mindset as they, that we see all TV, Radio, and Print are all owned and operated by Zionist Individuals.

This is not a prejudicial comment, this is a fact. The population has been conditioned by the Zionists to believe it is an antisemitic remark, when it is not. This "antisemitic" belief is the defense mechanism the Zionist have successfully put in place in order to demonize anyone who attempts to bring awareness to the fact that the Zionist and the German individuals that were responsible for the events that caused WWII are today the ones calling the shots in this nation.

These Jewish and German families are those elite that include the names the end with "berg" -- just like the "Builder"-berg members you hear about that meet annually.

The German Nazi images most of us have in our head are those that were propagated by the media at the time and which the Zionists are still promoting to this day (i.e. Steven Spielberg's devotion to create movies about the 'Heroic Americans' who fought in the war?). "They" use patriotism as a layer of protection to cover their true operations.

"1933 Eichmann [left] worked as district agent for the Vacuum Oil Company AG, a subsidiary of Standard Oil (Rockefeller). During this time he was a member of the Jungfrontkampferuereinigung, the youth section of Herman Hilt's right-wing veterans movement. In July 1933 he moved back to Germany." -Ed.

According to Ed, Eichmann is really Maurice Strong.

In 1929 before the war even began you see the richest "Americans", such as the Rockefellers (who are Jewish), use the funding they (and other Jewish families) had from their roots in the banking industry, start building the infrastructure we Americans use every day and which eventually became part of this country's foundation for its success. The industrial revolution was founded by these individuals that are, in fact, the same as the Nazi movement was in Germany.

So now you have a war that targets the non Zionist Jews -- the ones that would not come on board and join the other Jews in their beliefs that they are the children of GOD, the chosen people, destined to take back what they believe was theirs to begin with (Israel). In reaching this goal they will eradicate any non-Zionist Jew that stands in their way.

Again Hollywood, and the Zionist that were on board with the plan, started to create the Nazi propaganda that was used to paint a picture that was not entirely accurate.

Hitler's ability to rally the German population through the "false flag" Reichstag burning, and his election by the people for his "perceived" heroic acts, gave him the ability to lead an unsuspecting army of Germans on a conquest that they knew would cause massive body counts and eventually suck the world into a global conflict.

The Zionists that started this movement, along with their counterparts in the United States, conspired to fund both sides of the war. They reaped billions and billions as they sat back and watched the fools of the world fight amongst themselves.

The Germans that took part in the attempted irradication of the non-Zionist population stole the "booty" from those Jews. National Security Adviser Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski was one of the Jews in those concentration camps. He says he was tasked with removing the valuable objects from the arriving Jews at the camp. He himself shamefully tells the tale but blames it on threats of death if he didn't cooperate. How do you think he got his wealth and position as the National Security Adviser?

Hollywood has created the stories you hear about the concentration camps. You must understand the fact behind this partial fabrication.

The images you see of the bodies -- yes, there were so many dead bodies -- but they were of the dead that had been starving to death in the final months of the war. The German's food and supplies were severed by the Allied forces. The railway and roads were impassible. This, combined with disease that had begun to rapidly spread throughout the camps, caused much death.

Those that died were piled up and set to be burned in order to rid some of the disease that had struck the camps. When the American generals toured the locations that you then were shown via the footage the Hollywood producers, they took with them documented evidence that these were bodies of starved and diseased bodies, at least 6 days old, that had been left outside. Regardless, the scene was no doubt more horrendous than one can imagine.

These camps were a s**t hole for those that were forced to live within their walls. But these camps were not death camps, they were "forced labor camps". They did not want the occupants to die. They wanted to continue to use them for laborers.

Recent tests on the so-called gas chambers and remains of the bodies of the exhumed dead have yet to find any remnants of the Zyklon-b that was alleged to have been used to intentionally gas the laborers. This is puzzling to some historians. Plus the scientific fact that for the Zyklon-b pellets to release the deadly gas it had to be above a certain temperature. This would eliminate their use in the winter months because the floors were cement and too cold. This method would have been effective only during warmer months.

Disregarding this scientific fact, in order to exterminate "millions" of laborers in this way, an impossible number of ovens would have been working around the clock. The numbers simply don't add up.

I abhor the cruel and inhuman treatment of the prisoners in these camps. Don't get me wrong. I am not a Holocaust denier. But I am a Holocaust "realist" in the sense that science and logic tell a different story. And I mention these things so you know that there is a controversy. Many things you thought you knew about WWII are not real.

Dr Joseph Mengele, the so called "Angel of Death", was reported to be the "doctor" of the camp known as Auschwitz. But as I hope to prove, he could not have done this if we look at his papers that are in the government archives. [see below]

This documents are for Greenberg, Mengele, and Strong. They show signs of being fakes (the signatures are Photoshop-ed from one document to another) but they didn't change the dates. This leads me to believe they were trying to fake something in order to cover up for who they really are but neglected to cover up the much larger main conspiracy, which I am trying explain. [Ed provided some documents and we have linked to them below. Click on the smaller icon to access the full size document.]


"You see he [Mengele] came here in 1929 before the war even began...

So how do we then see him as Josef Mengele the Angel of Death? Why do we see many of the elite like Maurice Strong (Adolf Eichmann) in our history books as Nazi officers? Maurice Greenberg is fictitious or Mengele is fictitious -- either way they are the same individual as the photographic evidence I have shown states!

We see the same propaganda machine at work today in the 9/11 fraud, the G20 scam and the Occupied faked events. We see the same actors that took part in the 9/11 fraud taking part in events like the G20... These actors are all decedents of those who have been working hard to continue their goal of world domination..." --Ed


Whew! Ed tells quite a story. So what should we make of this?

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