by Dan Eden


I know from my own research that Ed's rant about the Nazi Party and Operation Paperclip are true. There have been may books written about this already. I'm just now in the middle of researching the VRIL Society's Maria Orzich and how the whole influence of the occult on the Third Reich was wiped from history. The accounts of WWII -- and every war -- are always re-written by the victors.

While I am impressed with some of Ed's image comparisons, and they are convincing, there are a few that seem to stretch the imagination. This could be my lack of appreciation for 21st century cosmetics and make-up. Maybe we shouldn't judge Ed's theory by some questionable photos. He's brought to light some important questions about WWII, what happened in Europe, what happened after the War, and what is perhaps happening now to control and subdue you and I.

In some countries in Europe -- especially in Germany -- both Ed and I could be in prison for even discussing this version of history. Why? Well, that's a topic for some later time.

It is with some irony that I read in today's Sky News about Israel's ramping up for war with Iran. A statement by foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman:

Mr Lieberman responded to the reports of a push to gain cabinet approval by saying that "Iran poses the most dangerous threat to world order." [source]

Wow. That "global" world order theme again... I don't know. It sometimes seems so obvious what's going on -- then I dismiss the idea because it's just too horrific and diabolical. Or is it?

As Editor of this website, I get lots of strange stuff sent to me. Often a good idea is mingled with facts that can not be supported and these bad facts scuttle the good idea. Ed's theory could be one of three possibilities:

1. It is totally false and the product of an over-active imagination.

2. He has most of he facts right but cannot substantiate them all.

3. He has hit the nail on the head and we do not see the truth because of our own unwillingness to open our minds.

You can see lots more of Ed's theories and images on his website: on youtube or (before they take it down). After you look around, come back here and let me know what you think.

And if you're someone who we pictured here on viewzone, please let us know. We welcome all sides -- every angle -- to present what is real.

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You can look at the distance between noseline and upper lip and it´s complete bs, this one. So all the other ones are questionable. I watched Shamar on some newsshow after his rant to the cops, and he seems totally legit. There should be 100 of him and its all over for the pigs.


Ed I feel for you Dawg, but in a sad way:

Well Ed, all I can say is your arguments are inconsistent, and fanciful at best. You put great focus on the ears of your first subjects only to totally ignore those dis-similarities in the other subjects. The protestor that you then assert is an actor dressed as a cop is a face match. But I suspect the the reverse is the real truth (They do that all the time). And I doubt that the Rockefeller's need to use family members to fool us. Hell, they're all actors in there own parts anyway how else could they have fooled so many for so long. And another thing is that they are so powerful now that they losing their need to fool us. Not completely, but it's coming, and there isn't anything on God's green earth that is going to change it.

I have to admit that I didn't read your final argument because I remembered something that struck me as maybe applying here. And that is that sometimes the best way to fight an opponent, or idea, is to champion the cause in such a way that you zealously make the argument in such a manner as to turn everyone away from the very thought, so that when the real proof comes forth no one will be any longer willing to listen. That crossed my mind as a possibility. Yes, I think that your correct in your basic thoughts, but I don't think you have proven it here.

We come into this world like a Paracelsus Homunculus. Conceived in manure, raised up in manure, saturated with manure, and once they perceive that we no longer have a soul left, they kill us. Mission accomplished. But then there are those that can be conceived in BS, and grow into a rose. (Yes that's a reference to the beginning of the Zohar. So sue me!) What can we do to protect ourselves?

My father once had a scoundrel friend that confided in him one day a secret that ended their friendship. As my father related it to me, he said that the friend told him after a potential victim (un-named) had slipped free of the noose. "You know you can't take them if they don't trust you."

Sorry I don't trust you.


Australian Prime Minister John Howard made it illegal to deny the mainstream version of the Holocaust, and reintroduced sedition as a criminal offence. It's not just Europe that would or could jail someone for questioning.