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Poll shows GOP favors Hillary's selfies on a sexswing.   Jeb Bush: "Why not, she's a liberal... That'll definitely screw her chances for good."   Also: Your fav sex toys get personal!   Scientific American regrets own magazine's title... & more here

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MUST SEE Videos!

Lost Walt Disney UFO Documentary

This documentary was only broadcast once in five US states in 1995, then it was shelved and never broadcast again. Why? Just watch it.

Go-Pro Walking Tour Of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

An amazing walking tour of current day Saigon, complete with sound. "I love the smell of Pho in the morning!"

Another Walking Tour Of Calcutta (India)

Sure it's an hour long but you don't have to watch the whole video to get a feel of what it's like in these foreign locations. Can't afford an international vacation?Watch this and you can tell people, "I've been there."

Look At These Concept Cars That Never Made It To Production!


Noah's Ark Discovered In Turkey

Watch as the site is explored and the evidence scientifically examined. Explore it yourself on google-earth with the GPS coordinates provided ...more

This is one of Viewzone's best articles on the origins of consciousness, religion and just about everything! A MUST READ for any intellectual. But be warned, it will mess you up!

Dad's Little Girls Prefer Mates Who Look Like Him

Research shows that daughters want a mate like Daddy. Not just in his personality but also in his physical appearance. The question begs to be answered whether the little girls will grow up looking like Mom! MORE...

What Science Is Reluctant To Tell You About Homosexuality

Homosexuality affects from 8% to 15% of all males and slightly less for females. There are as many gays and lesbians in America today (2015) as there are unemployed citizens. Most carry the burdon of hiding their sexual identity for fear of being disrespected or mistreated. The general population remains ignorant to the causes and circumstances of homosexuality despite the plethora of investigative work that has been done. MORE...

What's Up With The Caves Under The Pyramids?

Explore the caves found under the pyramids. There's something unique about them. Could this be the reason the ancient structures were built in Giza? MORE...

You Should Know

Viewzone Changes Format

Viewzone announced this week that they decided to optimize the web design for phones and tablets.

In addition to a complete overhaul, the site now features a satirical section, The GARLIC, with always over-the-edge humor. The section debuts with contributions from some witty writers that will have you grinning and thinking. Often the topics mirror current events.

Most of the past viewzone stories are on the archive page (top dropdown menu), which retains the old format. A good way to quickly find a story on any topic is to Google the keywords: viewzone topic (substitute your own topic).

Alien Technology Delivered To The Nazis: Real History

It's a historic fact that members of the Vril were exceptionally beautiful with very long hair. These women helped design Germany's first flying disc. Who were they? ...more

Check Out China's Area 51

Discovered back in 2012, this remote site is surrounded by many bizarre antennae and secret installations. Is China developing their own ET base? MORE...

Who Is Vladimir Putin? Think you know? Look Again...

He's being portrayed as the new boogeyman in the new militarized corporate media, which always needs a villain to sell more war toys. But take another look at this man of character and leadership. You just might wish there were more of his kind leading the world today. MORE...

Why Yemen Is The Next Warfront

Not many people have ever visited Yemen. It's the poorest nation in the region, literally back in the stone age. But it does have something even more precious than oil or gold. It's been a closely guarded secret -- until now. MORE...

Saudi Arabia Will Soon Have Nukes. Then What?

They've been involved in assassinations and 911 terrorism so far. What will happen when this oil rich country gets their nuclear warheads from friendly Pakistan? Who will they nuke? Here's the short list. MORE...

Saudis, US & Israel Started ISIS: Proof In Secret Memo

This bit of news is no surprise to many but it should make you want to puke. As usual, it was all about oil and natural gas. MORE...

Does The Federal Reserve Actually 'Own' Your Life?

Just check your original birth certificate and you will learn the shocking truth. We are all collateral for the National Debt! MORE...

Why Did Big Pharma Stop Making An Effective $2 Cure For Cancer?

Prescribed for years as a $2 cure for pinworms, mebendazole was discovered to be an extremely potent cancer killer. We cite many professional journals to prove this. Then, unexpectedly, the drug's manufacture was stopped in the USA. The next effective treatment cost $2000. Hmmm. MORE...


You Won't Believe This!

Appollo 20 Found Alien Craft and Body On The Moon

Before you doubt it, watch the video and examine the evidence. The alien body is examined and the ship is a whopper. ...more

Are We Really Beings Of Light?

Russian scientists claim that our DNA molecules can communicate within a cell by UV light. Their experiments confirm this. Check it out. MORE...

Is Modern Music Making You Violent?

Since the Neanderthals, music has been intuitively tuned to a specific pitch (A=432 hertz). This music had inspired, taught, healed and entertained for tens of thousands of years. But that all changed.

In 1939, Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbels insisted that Europe adopt a new "standard" pitch (A=440 hertz), designed to stimulate aggression and increase productivity through implanted anxiety. READ MORE...

Have You Accidentally Photographed Spirits?

Unexpected faces and dead relatives sometimes appear in digital photos we take. Are we going crazy or is there something to this phenomenon? You decide. MORE...

What Does Your Finger Length Reveal About Your Abilities?

The length of your index and ring fingers is very revealing. These measurements can reveal sexual preferences, math and musical talent. What do your fingers say about you? MORE...

MORGELLONS: A Crime Of Silence

Singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell recently made the news struggling in her battle with Morgellons disease. Despite the obvious, the US health industry refuses to acknowledge that the disease is real -- and not psychological... maybe for good reasons. Clues indicate this illness is man made! Can you guess the maker? MORE...

A 200,000 Year Old Metropolis In Africa

Discovered accidentally by air, this ancient settlement spans an entire valley in remote South Africa. Nearby, an megalithic calendar points to Orion. Examine the ruins yourself on google-earth with the GPS provided. MORE...

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