What This Is All About...

I started with an idea for a story: "How (and WHY) does hypnosis work?" Like every other topic I've researched, there was always an answer. It seemed like there should be a rational explanation for this unusual phenomenon. After all, hypnosis is used in psychiatry to help people recall repressed or forgotten memories and to change bad behavior with "unconscious" suggestions. It's almost magical the way a hypnotist can hack into our intimate mind. So how does it work?

First, a confession: this story is NOT about hypnosis. It's about something I learned while doing research for the hypnosis story. It is so important that it not only changed the topic of my story, but it also changed me. And I'm guessing it will change you.

First, let me introduce myself. I'm Gary Vey and I own and have written most of the stories on this website, Sometimes I have written under the name Dan Eden. Whichever, it's me.

I started the site back in 1996. I've covered lots of ground writing about this world we live in, and especially about our "inner life". In retrospect, it seems that the topics I was interested in have mostly been my quest to understand the nature of this personal reality that we seem to share... this thing we call "life".

This quest is something that motivates many minds, from great thinkers to ordinary people. It's the reason I chose psychology as a profession when I was younger and why I have been interested in various religions and explanations for what I see in this crazy world. I'm sure you can relate to this because you have found your way to be reading this right now. Keep reading. I think you will find some answers here.

As a writer for 20 years, I have tried to reveal some of the hidden ideas and theories so that you, the viewzone reader, can consider and incorporate them into your own world view. I've now come upon a little known theory that I am anxious to share. For me, it provides a new way of looking at myself and the world that is obviously true and yet quite earth shattering.

I'm going to be telling you, in my own words, about a discovery that was made back in the 70s by a man called Julian Jaynes. This man and the story of his discovery could be the subject of a good film, but you will soon learn why that will never happen. But in this story I am going to focus on Jaynes' theory. I'll be offering tasty bits from Jaynes' thesis, The Origin of Consciousness In the Breakup of the Bicameral Mind.

Whew! That's the kind of title that would make almost anyone want to pass on checking it out of a library. And most people did pass. But it wasn't just the title that turned them away.

Those few intellectuals who bothered to read Jaynes' theory were shocked. If what he claimed were true, then we humans would have to look upon our ancient past with a new perspective. It appears that our entire science of psychology has apparently missed something obvious and fundamental yet vital to understand today's many social and political problems. But there's much more...

What you will learn in this story about your own mind will surprise you. What you learn about YOU will be hard to accept and will likely even change YOU.

I'll try to explain this in simple, easy to understand language. Just have patience and hang in for the ride of your life, literally.

The story I am going to tell you will take quite a few pages and some effort to write up. But I think this is something vital for you to know. I will be explaining each step so that you can personally experience what I am writing about through experiments you can carry out in your own mind.

There is no better teacher than yourself.

This first page will be the beginning of a journey that I promise will change who you are and what you think this crazy world is all about.