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The Philidelphia Experiment is about the latest facts surrounding an experiment conducted by the U.S. Navy back in the 1940s. Witnesses have reported that the ship was made to disappear for several minutes before appearing again. There are suggestions that researchers may have learned much more than how to make a ship disappear. You be the judge.

TURN YOURSELF ON is an exclusive interview with Neil Slade (well known to Art Bell's radio show), the keeper of the flame for T.D. Lingo, famed neurological anatomist (brain scientist) who discovered how to program the brain's amygdala (one of two walnut sized organs in our head). The results are convincing and instantaneous! [Hence, the title.]

The Luscher Color Test reveals the work of a German scientist, Dr. Max Luscher, and his discoveries of how color is percieved by our minds. Take the test yourself and see how revealing your selections can be -- and how they change from day to day, even hour to hour. What does your favorite color reveal about you?

HAARP - The Death Ray? If you have heard about the HAARP program in Alaska then you will be surprised to learn that the REAL facility is some 350 miles north of HAARP! Photos from a reader sparked this investigation of a super ray weapon that is currently being deployed. This is a must to read.

SV-40 is the code name for a cancer causing virus that accidentally infected almost 98-million people in America. Who are these people -- probably you! The virus accidentally infected mandatory polio vaccinations in certain states during the mid-1950's. Why haven't you been told?

Anatomic Dolls looks at the sensual art of Ryoichi Yoshida, Japanese Master Dollmaker. These life-like figures demonstrate the ultimate perfection in an ancient craft.

DEVIL LIVED tells the history of the nefarious horned creature, the devil. You will learn some amazing facts about the past that you have never heard before. This is not for the weak minded reader.

The Picket Wire Canyon People are a true American mystery. They left evidence of an Asian writing system on the canyon walls around La Junta, Colorado. Were they foreigners or some forgotten Native American tribe? Explore the area with lots of photographs and information on our best read chapter of the ViewZone Expedition series.

Expedition '98 visited and uploaded stories, interviews and pictures from America's southwest. You will see the Navajo and Hopi people and will hear their beliefs and culture explained in their own words. See Monument Valley and visit pristine Anasazi ruins that are "off limits" to outsiders.

Left Brain: Right Brain is a humorous and insightful look at facial expressions and how they are controlled by separate personalities and areas in our brain. There are instructions on how you can easily determnie this with your own image, or an image of a friend or celebrity. Many photographic examples are given. Does your left side know what your right side is thinking?

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