Ancient replicas are handmade, using a variety of casting techniques, in solid hydrostone (hard stone gypsum) and finished to represent the original artifacts as closely as possible.

Each Ancient Impressions replica is individually hand made to your order. The original artifact is sometimes emersed in a quick hardening medium which conforms to the shape of the artifact, capturing every minute detail. This medium is then separated to remove the artifact, or a facsimile, and is then prepared to be used as a mould for the hydrostone.

Hydrostone is a special compound that has the same weight and solid properties as real stone. It can be colored and textured and results in an exact copy of the original artifact. In fact, the replicas are so real that they are often used for museum displays or for archaeology students who study and translate the ancient writing techniques.

Ancient Impressions has chosen several artifacts that are highly significant in the study and understanding of ancient human civilization. These artifacts contain ancient writing which describes important aspects of each ancient culture.

What a thrill to hold these exact replicas in your hand, knowing that they represent human civilization of thousands of years in our past.

We are so proud of our work that we offer you a 30 day unconditional return policy. We offer a complete refund (less shipping) if you are not completely satisfied and we will replace any replica that has been damaged or lost in the mail.

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