HAARP Facility Shut Down!

The HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska has shut down pending its transfer to a different contractor working for DARPA.

The official statement reads:

HAARP was shut down in early May 2013, awaiting a change between contractors who operate the facility. According to HAARP program manager James Keeney, "Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is expected on site as a client to finish up some research in fall 2013 and winter 2014." The temporary shutdown was described as being due to "a contractor regime change." The Alaska Native corporation Ahtna, Incorporated is reportedly in talks to take over the facility administration contract from Marsh Creek, LLC.

Supporters of the HAARP program now say that claims of crazy weather patterns, earthquakes and mental illness can no longer be blamed on the operation of this remote facility because it is "off-line".

It is a fact that the HAARP facility in Gakona was only a public relations facade which distracted from the larger facility near Fairbanks and the many other "ionospheric heaters" located around the country -- and the world -- that no longer use dipole antennae farms and receive their funding as "black projects", exempt from public scrutiny or review.

We featured such a facility in China in a recent story on viewzone. The new antennae designs are apparently more efficient at the high frequencies which the "heaters" utilize.

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Introduction to H.A.A.R.P.
by Dan Eden

Many articles have been written about HAARP. What this author wishes to make clear is that he believes HAARP was not the actual facility designed to be used as a military system but a "front" or "red herring" facility which allows the authorities to deny important questions about its purpose and operation and which conducted basic research with its limited power of about 3MW.

The real facility is located in Poker Flats, North of Fairbanks, Alaska. Please read the Congressional Executive Summary which is provided here in unedited form for the truth.

Some background on HAARP & How it works

Albert Einstein's theories of relativity and the development of atomic energy are seen as the pinnacles of Twentieth Century technology. Like most innovative applications of newly discovered laws of physics, the benefit that they afford the common citizen is often usurped by the sinister need of the military to kill each other or ruin the environment -- all in the name of security.

Bernard Eastlund's discoveries, are innovative applications of the work of Tesla and Faraday. His plans to provide power on any spot on the planet, to modify weather and eliminate drought, floods and hurricanes was usurped by the US military to make a death ray.

Bernard Eastlund is a very private man and a physicist with a small company in Houston. In the mid-80's, Eastlund invented and patented a technology that will will reshape our lives, for better or for worse, whether we like it or not.

A few years ago, ViewZone ran a photograph that was sent to us for identification (see Unusual Photographs). We received many wild explanations, from underground alien bases to ancient city streets. But a handful of anonymous e-mails were consistent. These described the long, parallel, perfectly straight lines as part of an antenna complex used to communicate with submerged submarines. These same e-mails spoke of "death rays" that could blast distant locations with lethal electromagnetic radiation.

The photograph was eventually believed to be an ELF (an acronym for Extremely Low Frequency) antenna installation, designed for submarine communication. There is one almost identical to the photograph in Michigan. Since our anonymous informants seemed to be so knowledgeable, we were curious about their claims of a "death ray" installation located somewhere in Alaska. Our informants directed our attention to something called HAARP (High Frequency Active Aurora Ionospheric Research Program).

HAARP is a military project based on Eastlund's discoveries. It is a difficult program to discuss technically with non-scientists and, as such, it has eluded the spotlight of the popular press. But for years now, conspiracy web sites and some credible scientific publications have questioned what's going on and how messing with the ionosphere could be hurting the environment.

To make matters worse, HAARP has been maintained partially as a clandestine project, operated by the US Navy. The information that is made available to the public is carefully worded to make HAARP appear as a bland, harmless, unclassified, atmospheric research facility.

This public image is maintained, in part, through a website (Note: It appears they have taken the web site "off-line" also!), complete with a reassuring, updated, digital photograph, showing dozens of motionless aluminum dipole antennae at their remote Alaskan base. Public statements speak about "better understanding the ionosphere," a layer of Earth's atmosphere about 60-90 Km. high.

They are polite when questioned, but stick to their "harmless research" stories, despite contradictions in the press and in publicly available documents. In preparation for this article, ViewZone contacted HAARP. Not only did they deny that the facility was doing military work, but they also diminished the work of Dr. Eastlund, implying that he knew very little about his own discovery. (In contrast to now admitting that they do DARPA work.)

Eventually everyone will know about Bernard Eastlund and his work. It will someday be taught in schools. His technology will impact every living thing. But this will have to wait for the military, who own his valuable patents, to release Eastlund's work for humane applications. For the time being, this work is buried in the secretive work of HAARP.

To completely understand Eastlund's work, you must first understand how and why HAARP works. This is not an easy task. But we'll try to keep it simple.

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