The Problem

Let's say you have an on-line store or a business that has a quickly changing inventory -- like a real estate business, antique shop, restaurant, nightclub with entertainment or a used car dealership. You probably have a web site that says "Here I am!" and tells people about your business. But if you want to tell them what's happening right now or what's for sale TODAY, it's difficult. You either have to be your own webmaster or pay someone to change the HTML code on your website. That's often time consuming and very expensive.

The Solution

With a "dynamic page" you can manage these changes yourself. Viewzone designs a simple password protected control panel that allows you to make changes to the web page by entering the data in a text field, uploading photos or images and clicking on a button. Instantly your website is changed with up-to-date information. It's simple, quick and inexpensive.

An Example

Let's say you own an auto dealership and you have a "weekly special" that appears on your main page. It could be a "daily special" or any type of product that can change quickly. In the example below, you see a control panel that makes changes to the text.

The control panel displays the portion of the page that can be changed. The existing text appears in the text fields. Any changes made to the text fields will change the text on the actual web page. In this example, the control panel also contained buttons (not shown) for changing the top banner. The vehicle photos can also be changed by uploading them to a specific folder on the server.

This can be done for any number of items. The design requires a Unix server and the customized dynamic module runs as a PERL (cgi) script.

Dynamic designs are inexpensive. The pages pay for themselves by increasing point of sale revenue, utilizing the web space for actual real-time marketing and minimizing costly fees for web programming. For more detailed information and an assessment of your needs, please contact Viewzone Productions. To see examples of sites using Dynamic Pages, LOOK HERE.

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