The Working Celtic Cross

ViewZone, here's something interesting. John Geiger, of Oklahoma, sent me this picture of an armadillo bowl at the Spiro dig. Notice the Celtic-like cross design, even with measuring marks on the circle, etc.

Gene Matlock


I wrote you a short note the other day but now I have decided to E Mail you some photos of my version of the Celtic Cross which I made about two years ago, I got the idea from a Mayan calendar drawing. This was only a prototype that took me only two days to make and since I now that it works I didn't bother to make a "nice one."

By the way, when I made it didn't even had a name because I didn't know that it was a "Celtic Cross." What are the Mayans doing with a Celtic Cross? Let me know what you think about my prototype. ........... Ponce

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