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About the feature, "Viewzone Confidential," Shawn writes: Hello-
I was facinated by your account, ranging from Alaska to the rest of the globe. I lived in Alaska from 1998 to 2002 and worked as a nursing assistant for Providence Hospital and later for the childrens psychiatric hospital (Northstar) while I was there. Your account made me recollect several strange cases that I had contact with. In the extended care unt of Providence H. there were some natives that seemed to have shown significant burn damage, but were diagnosed with frostbite, At the childrens H. there were several children with significant congenital deformities that were blamed on their mother ingesting large amounts of drugs or alcohol, even though they were inconsisitent with such type of deformities, Such as FAS(Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) or neurological trauma that is associated with amphetamine or cocaine use. Thank you for telling your story, and I hope to hear of any updates that you may witness.
Best, Shawna

Commenting on our story about the SV-40 Virus, a reader wrote:

From: Moe Sizlac
E-Mail: bigbytes@netzero.com

Comments: I have just finished reading the articles concerning SV40, and found them very interesting. I would, however like to take issue with one of the introductory remarks, quoted here: "As you read it, also do not forget the Black Americans that were knowingly infected with Syphilis" The reference, of course, is to the Tuskegee (Alabama) VA Hospital study of veterans with syphilis. As a young psychology student at nearby Auburn University, I did volunteer work at the VA Hospital, as part of an abnormal psychology class. Our task was to help the "regular" staff monitor patients, and to review the records of one patient, and familiarize ourselves with the hospital processes. I was assigned to the syphlitic ward. The point that I would like to make is that those men were not "knowingly infected" by the hospital. What happened was that upon being diagnosed with the disease, they were merely quarenteened and watched, without being given the drugs that were known to prevent the spread of the disease throughout the body. That is, the disease was allowed to develop, in order that it's effects might be studied, in a controlled atmosphere. MS

Reporting strange synchronicities, a reader wrote:

From: Brian Kent
E-Mail: kent.brian@worldnet.att.net

Comments: I know this may be hard to believe but the following happened to me on a trip to Egypt a few years back. My wife and I visited the pyramids during the day and returned for a great light show created by Egyptian tourism. At the end of the night as I took my shirt off the go in bed my wife noticed strange marking right below my left shoulder. The markings seemed to be similar to small insect bites. The strange thing about the markings was that they made a pattern that was in the shape of an inverted pyramid. I know this sounds wild but I showed to many people on our tour including our tour director. Today I have a photo of the markings in my office at home and all who see it are amazed. I also have shown it to the high school students I teach. Believe it or not, that is my story.

Regarding the story, Viewzone Confidential, a reader wrote:

E-Mail: druj20032000@yahoo.com

Comments: Hi: I highly recommend that Dan Eden and his readers check out the book, "The Stargate Conspiracy" by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince. It documents James Hurtak's extensive ties to the Freemasonic NWO since he is the protege of Andrija Puharich. Immediate information can be found at pharo.com Also I discovered that Puharich co-authored, "the Actual Matrix Plan" a book called, "Cosmic Humanism and World Unity" by Oliver L. Reiser. It was written for the World Institute and the book was edited by Ervin Laszlo. Laszlo continues to run a network that coopts the progressive movement into the Freemasonic Agenda. I have written extensively about this research at guerrillanews.com in the conspiracy forum. The World Institute went underground in 1975 and Hurtak was designated to be the external agent for the Actual Matrix Plan. A summary of "the Actual Matrix Plan" can be found by a web search but Dan Eden's research is the best current confirmation of this plan in the works. drew hempel, M.A.

From: anthony
E-Mail: xxx

Comments: i am puzzeled, regarding a story that dan eden had published regarding the haarp site in FAIRBANKS ALASKA and the misinformation that the public was getting. this was a captivating and unsetteling story (if true) that had the make up of a miniseries about govt coverup, scientific discoveries, and archilogical/historical finds that will change the world as we know it. i read the text thru page 43, including the original contact with dave, jonas, and nikki,the trip to fairbanks, and residual excursions made to the real haarp site and the visits to the inuit villages. then the chance call to the number dan had to speak to kathy? upon the return call his set up with the job at the electic co. the e mail from john? from austrlia with inquiries about the strange 22 symbols that seemed to be a phonic alphabet and all the places around the globe that these same symbals were found. his meeting with an author whos name slips my mind at this time and the strange photos that were shown to dan and the power and status in the world of science this man seem to have. dans' trip to yemen and the strange occurances that he and Sky experienced. I came back the next day 12/09/02 the resume my reading and found that i cannot link up to this text, something seems odd. was all this just what i said earlier in my comment agood science fiction story. Personally I Think Not. i have read about haarp and its possible applications and it does scare me to think some of these things are possible. please resond.

From: Paul Winter
E-Mail: paul@handpen.com

Comments: In your article "Sky Over Serbia" Goran Pavlovic asks: Could somebody help me find out if there was anything nusual happening in the electromagnetic world during the final days of bombing of Serbia which is summer 1999. Also does anybody have any indication that anything unusual happened with earth electromagnetic field on 28.12.2000. or 31.12.2000. I would like to reply by referencing a web page that present evidence of other weather modification: http://www.rense.com/general10/evi.htm

E-Mail: dragutin.izakovic@ri.tel.hr

Comments: Hallo. My name is Izakovic and I live in Croatia (Europe), the country neighboring Serbia. I have noticed your article What's Happening In the Skies Over Serbia? - Strange weather and cloud formations worry scientists. A report by Golan Pavlovic in Serbia. Seven months ago I have put-up a site honoring the first time ever chemtrail sprayings of Croatia, which have started the day after our country entered the Partnership for Peace with NATO and pointing at NATO as executive branch of this global operation. From than on my site contains Croatian chemtrail sprayings image database and other correlated data, the product of constant local and world-vide monitoring. My home page is at: http://deepspace4.freeservers.com/pagenew.htm Main site section lists short leading columns of posted articles at: http://deepspace4.freeservers.com/pages/main/main1.htm During the part of last November and December, we have been visited by the task force detached from the 6th fleet comprising of the multi-purpose Amphibious Assault Ship USS SAIPAN (LHA2), it¹s two support vessels, Amphibious Transport Dock USS AUSTIN (LPD 4), Dock Landing Ship USS ASHLAND (LSD 48) and two atomic attack submarines, probably USS Albany (SSN 753) and USS Pittsburgh (SSN 720). During their stay we have exactly the same heavy weather as described in the above post from Serbia. My opinion is that NATO forces, in order to be shielded from the opposition¹s satellite visual, IR and radar detection and to be able to use the VTRPE radar, were applying the USAF 2025 Weather as a Force Multiplier technology. Here is the short leading column of the article describing this event: USS SAIPAN (LHA2) UNDER MY WINDOW AND 2025 SKIES ABOVE Multi-purpose Amphibious Assault Ship USS SAIPAN (LHA2), together with it's two support vessels, Amphibious Transport Dock USS AUSTIN (LPD 4), Dock Landing Ship USS ASHLAND (LSD 48), two atomic attack submarines, probably USS Albany (SSN 753) and USS Pittsburgh (SSN 720), with some 5.000 marines, sailors and airman aboard, visited Rijeka in November 2000. During their 16 days long visit, Rijeka region was, first time in the remembered history, constantly cowered with heavy, mostly artificially sustained cloud layer, a cause of frequent downpours and electric storms. Details of anomalous local weather behavior caused by the USS SAIPAN battle group's activities, as well as by some of activities conducted by SIXTH FLEET core in Mediterranean, supported with ground and satellite images, are contained. Full details are available at my USS SAIPAN page at: http://deepspace4.freeservers.com/pages/military/saipan/saipan.htm You can publish and/ or forward this info to Mr. Goran Pavlovic. All the best. 01-28-2001 IZAKOVIC CROATIA

On our article concerning the cover-up of strange archaeological formations in Oklahoma, readers wrote:

From: Jeanne A. Richeson
E-Mail: Jeanne@rockwallfoundation.org

Comments: Dr. John Geiger had initially directed me to your site to read and give an opinion on the fascinating Abraham research, but after I read that I started reading some of the other articles. The one which blew me away was the Oklahoma site . . . and subsequent notice of the bulldozing by government agents. We are the non-profit organization which is seeking support for excavating another site at Rockwall, Texas. The first site (approx. 38'deep x 110' long) was lost during heavy rains. Pictures are available at our website (rockwallfoundation.org). We are hoping to link with others who have made similar discoveries. I am also on the Board of Directors for The Eclectic Viewpoint which hosts speakers, lecturers and authors who are also concerned with suppressed truths about our true history and origins. Perhaps we can assist each other. It is too easy to snuff out discoveries one at a time. Our only chance is to try to link and present a barrage of information simultaneously. What do you think? Jeanne Richeson

From: J M Sandbrook
E-Mail: jms@xtra.co.nz

Comments: Your article about coverups of strange archeological finds is very interesting. What would the world be like if positive proof was found out that we came from something other than apes or God, some type of animal or being that would be proof that God does not exist, millions of people world-wide believe in a God of some sort and mankind may not be able to handle the real truth. The world governments may have decided to keep the truth under-wraps until they think mankind will be able to handle the truth about where we really came from. This theory, although it will sound far fetched to many, seems to be the only logical reason for the attempts to coverup what has been found.

From: Jeff Squires
E-Mail: Finmin@homestead.com

Comments: Hello, After reading the article on suppressed archeological discoveries, I thought it might be interesting to point out one reason the "authorities" would want to hide the truth from the people. That is the theory of evolution. It is a theory that doesn't work, and has been proven wrong time and time again. This theory is used to justify certain behaviors of governments and to exercise control over the populace. There is more going on here than most people can see. There is a spiritual war for the truth going on. Consider the find of the 8 foot tall skeletons, along with the discovery of 12 foot tall skeletons with bronze shields found here in the central US many years ago. Don't these tend to support the Bible's record of the Giants mentioned in the Old Testament? The Anakim, Goliath, Og, king of Bashan? Whether you believe in the Bible or not, these archeological discoveries are more evidence against evolution. Much of the so called evidence supporting evolution have been found to be frauds. It is based on speculation, not facts. What we are finding on your site and others of the same venue are facts that would lead us to the truth. Regards, Jeff Squires

From: Stephen
E-Mail: tsicby@mediaone.net

Comments: Coverups of strange archeological finds are motivated not by big business, necessarily, but I think more so because of the light such finds may shed on the true origins of the human race which I believe is a threat to certain institutions with controlling powers and authority in the world. If you don't know where you came from, you don't know where you are going and that allows an "authority" to control your destiny. If you knew your true history, you would know your true destiny and work towards achieving that. If that destiny is a threat to someone, they will take away your true history and leave you groping in the dark for answers-- that is if you have lost faith in the fake picture window they've painted for you to look out of. Feeling a bit like a trapped mouse in a maze right about now?

From: bob kenyon
E-Mail: lodgpole@prodigy.net

Comments: Gary Vey - apropos the anomalous morphology of the 'cell-stones' your articles present, another hypothesis: I remember reading about 20 years ago in a paperback book on strange facts, of an explorer in South America witnessing a medicine man mixing various plant saps, then pouring the mixture onto a stone which then became soft and malleable and he reshaped, saying that he had a limited time until it would become hard again. An ancient but advanced technology might account for many sites where hugh blocks have been fit together so closely, as well as for the means by which huge blocks in pyramids might have been 'created' at their very final location. Well, it's an idea!

From: roger taggert
E-Mail: sagartart@yahoo.com

Comments: refering to article on the oaklahoma cover up-unusual stone structure. There has been some theories that the ancients (preflood civilizations) had a method for "melting stone" so as to reshape the stone to fit whatever shape was needed to fit architecturural or design forms. To me, looking at the samples of stone shown, that one can see, that to get the stone to have that certain look of tree rings or, as tree rings, the stone had to be "melted" in some way and then poured into a mold resulting in a desired shape. And, the "tree ring" look is a result or outcome of the "melted" stone cooling or whatever. One story is about south american ancients being able to utilize a plant juice to break down ("melt") stone. It seems to explain how the large, many sided stone pieces wieghing thousands of tons fitted so nicely together in Inca monolithic structures. So, take another look at those stone samples found in Oaklahoma, at that unusual stone structure or wall, don't they look like they were fabricated or molded intentially and that they are not of a natural occurance?

From: a. gerard nordskoven
E-Mail: nordskoven@yahoo.com

Comments: Shem is Shiva. Shem was the Red Boar, Philition, ("Lover of Righteousness") the despised Shepherd-King of the Great Pyramid, Typhon (for his temper), Imhotep, and Set, the red-haired, wild ass-headed "god." Red haired and stubborn with a fiery temper...That's Shem. Shem was identified by the Jews as Melchizedek, "King of Righteousness," the priest-king of Salem (Later Jeru-salem, or "New Salem" or "New Peace") to whom Abraham gave bread and wine to offer in sacrifice. He was a mysterious figure because he was hiding out from the bloody persecution of orthodoxy. As Noah's son, he was the last of the long-lived "Ark-o-nauts" so his influence was profound over a great period of time. Shem designed the Great Pyramid as a shrine to Adam's bones. Hieroglyphs state that "The sacred bones of Ra (Adam) were brought on the sacred boat of Nu (Noah). The Great Pyramid was also a kind of diorama of the Great Flood, and the butterfly hinge granite doors and long chambers acted as an Hydraulic Ram Pump to flood a lagoon which would bring the loud thumping like a heartbeat. The lagoon was complete with a model of the Ark of Noah. The Great Pyramid also had a Hydrogen generator for an eternal flame as using an extant copper float valve to meter Sulphuric Acid and water to liberate Hydrogen. There is evidence this imploded (probably after Shem's "backlash" persecution and quick exit from Egypt, below). Shem was Mister Orthodoxy, the master heretic hunter, and is said to have put Nimrod, Noah's grandson, on trial for claiming to be a god. Shem convicted Nimrod, King of New Babylon, "with the strength of his tongue" or arguments, inducing Nimrod to take the "God Test": Allow yourself to be put to death and rise from the dead. He didn't, and Shem as Shiva the Destroyer cut his body up and sent it to areas where Nimrod had been revered to show he was merely mortal. Enter all the myths of seeking the lost penis. This created, not gratitude, but a fierce backlash, and Jewish extra-biblical commentary depicts Shem escaping with the bones of the First Man, Adam, taking those bones first to Golgotha, then on to Machpelah, the twin caves bought for Sarah's burial by a wily Abraham. This is why older Catholic crucifixes show Christ, the Second Adam, crucified on Golgotha over where the skull and bones of Adam were first buried. The Great Pyramid shows pour cracks in some stones, which is suggestive of created, poured or shaped stone. Native American creation of pseudo-stone in the Southwest is documented in an old book, "The Mystery of the Crosses," which documents the finding of Native American crosses which they feared would be taken by the Conquistadors, and were hidden in these fake rocks. After learning to identify these, the authors show the contents, wonderful silver crosses adorned with New World plant images, for example. These amateur archeologists noted that the rocks gave off a resinous smell after being freshly opened. This might not have been the formulation for the Great Pyramid, but shows a familiarity with the idea. a. gerard nordskoven nordskoven@yahoo.com

From: Stephen McPhail
E-Mail: spunkyuncle@hotmail.com

Comments: dear view zone; i am especially interested in your article on the petroglyphs in oklahoma. i recently read a wonderful book by john major jenkins, called "galactic alignment, the transformation of consciousness according to mayan, egyptian & vedic traditions". the symbolism & the imagery of the oklahoma petroglyphs screams out astronomical significance, related to celestial alignments. the universal understanding, by numerous ancient cultures, of astronomical facts, that modern science has only recently re-discovered; is remarkable, to say the least. without trying to go into detail about mr. jenkins research; it is remarkable that various ancient civilizations figured out that the centre of our galaxy is in the "nuclear bulge" of the milky way, between the constellations of scorpio & sagitarius. the ancient astronomers visualized a north-south line or celestial tree or serpent between this galactic centre & sirius, on the outer edge of the galaxy near orion, between the constellations of taurus & gemini. the ecliptic of our planet & solar system crosses this serpent on an east-west line. the ancients recognized the precession of the stars & marked the change in celestial ages & significant events by the galactic alignments to the centre of the galaxy, marked by the sun on the solstices. this centre of the galaxy was often referred to as the "serpents mouth". yours truly, stephen mcphail

Regarding our story on "strange lines" found in Alaska, readers wrote:

From: James S. Knowlson, P.E.
E-Mail: james_k@cmc.net

Comments: Re: David Campbell's article titled "A Phoenician Fortress & Furnace ?" What Mr. Campbell has photographed is a typical weathering pattern in jointed granitic rocks which have abundant iron in the form of magnetite and/or hematite. As the rock weathers the iron is oxidized and mobilized by the ground water. During the dry periods of the year, the iron is precipitated as iron oxides in the joints of the rock. The joint patterns are commonly rectangular due to cooling of the rock following emplacement. Circular patterns of weathering and oxidization are also a common occurance in nature. Grooves in the rock are commonly striations caused by glaciation which also planes the rock surface smooth. Subsequent techtonic movement of the ground will often turn the striated surface on end and make it appear as a wall. Mr. Campbell would be better served if he took a course in basic geology or at least read a text like "Geology Illustrated" by Shelton. Good luck, J.S. Knowlson, P.E. Mining Engineer

From: Leif Manson
E-Mail: lmanson@telusplanet.net

Comments: Dear sirs, I am a Canadian construction surveyor presently working in the development of the Athabasca oil sands. Most of my career I have worked in gold and diamond mining. I started off doing a lot of prospecting, claim staking, and geophysical surveys for mineral exporation in the Canadian bush. I am telling you this because I can state categorically that the lines that cover the Canadian north are geophysical survey grids. I know, because I have cut hundreds of miles of these lines myself, I have walked hundreds more conducting geophysical surveys, spotting drill holes etc. and I have flown over thousands more. I find it amzing that the bush pilot from Northern Quebec did not state categorically that these are survey lines. He must be a rookie pilot because we prospectors and surveyors are the bread and butter of the bush plane industry. A lot of you city slickers think that mineral deposits can be detected by satellites or air surveys. Think about it, the higher above a signal you are, the less your resolution is. In the end, before you call in the drill rigs, you MUST do ground surveys. That's when you call in a bunch of guys with axes, machetes, and chain saws and start line cutting. also when you stake a claim, how do you think you mark it. By cutting a line around the boundary of course. the same goes for property lines. When a land surveyor surveys somebody's wilderness property he cuts a line around it. Also on a geological note. Your "mysterious cells" in Oklahoma look like pillow lavas to me. Your correspondent's plane was diverted over the Arctic coast because that is where the DEW (Distant Early Warning)line is located. This is a line of radar stations constructed in the 50's and modernized in the 80's to see "over the horizon" and warn of Russian missile attacks coming over the North pole. It might be a restricted area but it's not much of a secret. Sorry to disappoint you, otherwise keep asking questions and watching the signs. Leif Manson Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (formerly of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canadian Arctic)

E-Mail: cmedrec@bellatlantic.net

Comments: Interesting website. About 15 years ago we had mysterious lines appear all over our front yard in a swirling pattern. They went up to the base of trees and continued on the other side. Our front yard is about 300 ft X 100 ft. and the entire front yard was covered. We were the only yard in the neighborhood with the lines. There were no footprints or tracks around them. They were about an inch wide and looked like a bicycle wheel imprint without a tread. They appeared at night once a month for about 3 months. I finally stayed awake one night hoping to catch the mysterious linemaker. I heard a loud swoosh around 3 am and in the morning the yard was covered with the lines. Where can I find out about the lines? At the time it happened, I asked teachers, etc. but no one knew what could have made the lines. I'd appreciate any help.

Regarding Gene Matlock's articles on the Origin of Atlantis:

From: Guyan
E-Mail: guyan46@hotmail.com

Comments: I have read some of the articles found on your, and may I commend on such a site. You understand there a few missunderstanding with some. Such as Indians in America story. To start with Kuvera was a Sinhela/Sri Lankan he was the step brother Ravana the king. Kuvera did not belong to the Naga group for he is a Yakhas. Naga means correctly NA Meaning Water, GA travler. Sea goers while Yakas means industialists, such mining of mineral wealth as Kuvera had done, and became the god of Wealth. Lord Siva also oriaginly came from Sri Lanka to. Lord siva was mainly worsipped sinhelas that had in india and the given was Kalabhirava, or bhirava look familer. 5000 yrs ago most india ruled by asura, it is well fact the asura are Rakhases. These are the most clan of the sinhela of the ancient days, these are known facts of history. So please do correct the incorrect details that have been installed.

From: Gracy Lionheart
E-Mail: survival-today@hotmail.com

Comments: About the Atlantis theory...couldn't it have been the Minoan Empire of the island of Crete that was pretty much put out of business by a huge natural disaster(4 times as powerful as Krakatoa)? Ok, I know that Plato said that it was 9,000 years ago (from his time) and something like 2,500 miles from Egypt. However, what if there had been mistake in the translation that added an extra 0. That would put Atlantis at 900 years ago, and 250 miles from Egypt. If a translation mistake had been made, then Plato (knowing the layout of the Mediterranean) would have placed Atlantis in the Atlantic. After all, Minoan culture was similar to that of Atlantis. Men and women enjoyed equal status, and relative peace. Agriculture was highly developed, as was irrigation. The navy fleet was the most powerful of its time. What does anybody think?

From: jayen
E-Mail: jupadhye@hotmail.com

Comments: Hi, Wonder if any of the visitors here have experienced what keep on experiencing most of the time. I have termed the phenomenon "synchronicity". Like I was watching a movie on TV the other day, that was exclusively about a terrorrist plot to bomb cinema theater. And the very next day I find a news article saying a theater in pakistan had been bombed by terrorists! Or I am discussing a particlularly non-topical idea with some friends, and in no time at all either we find the same idea being discussed either in the papers, or on TV,or by someone totally unrealted to our circle! It appears ideas and topics and "plots" bubble to the surface in our collective consciousness at particular moment of time, SIMULTANEOUSLY. (give or take a few days). All one needs to do is WATCH out FOR THE PATTERN. I have noticed this happen even when the "idea" was as non-topical as wine making. Like we were discussing about some news items about adulteration of branded vines, and liquers, when suddenly I came across a novel that had liquor industry in america at the turn of the century woven into the plot!! ("Water of life" was the novel.) Can some one share his views? jayen.

Regarding the Discovery of An Ancient Alphabet:

From: David E-Mail: baksillum@hotmail.com Comments: Hi- Is the Old Negev alphabet one and the same as "Cannanite" writings? I have heard of wall writings in the u.s that go back many years, are written in this script and translated as a message from "the sons of Cannan, who were washed ashore.." in antiquity. Could it be possible that North and South America were Atlantis of Myth. That terrible destruction occured globally and tradelines were cutoff from the old world to the new? There have been egyptian mummies discovered from the early dynasty that have in their makeup evidence of "cocaine and tobacco" use. Neither cocaine, nor tobacco existed in egypt, so, this is interesting. It is said that plato recieved the story of Atlantis from Criteaus who recieved it from Solon who recieved it from the egyptian priests. is it safe to say that the egyptians had contacts in the americas who were indeed the "atlanteans"? I think that we would probably discover much more intersting things about human history if we migrated to this paradigm instead of tossing away that which does not concur with biblical structure and established anthropological studies. after all, what the heck does "egyptologist" or "tibetologist" really mean? hahahaha. Best wishes David From: Roderick Schmidt
E-Mail: director@equinox-project.com

Comments: Greetings. I was introduced to your website and material via an unsolicited email from John MacGovern. John was responding to our presentation of archaic work at http://www.equinox-project.com I have little disagreement with your findings. What we have found demonstrates the religious continuitity of these ancient People. The global distribution as you suggest appears to be valid. We, too, have received a cold shoulder from established academics who regard their proffered dogma as superior to truth and factual evidence. Thank you for your fine presentation. I applaud your efforts.

From: Gracy Lionheart
E-Mail: survival_today@hotmail.com

Comments: I will admit that it is possible that a fishing ship from Japan or from Rome might have been blown off course from their routes, but I don't think that the New World had any sustained contact with any other civilization. Why? For one thing...look at the crops...especially in Peru and surrounding area. The early inhabitants domesticated tubers: oca, mashua, and ulluca. Of course, they also had about 600 varieties of potatos. All due to the micro-environments of farming on a mountain. This is not counting the cereal crops: maize and quinua. These are very different from the crops of the Sumer area. They grew wheat, barley, and lentils. In Egypt - emmer wheat and barley. In the Harappan civiliation - cotton/sesame (during floods) and wheat and barely. These crops were completely different than those in South America. Also, the animals were different as well. In South America the llama, alpacoa, and the guinea pigs were found. No large beast of burden lived there, unlike in the Old world. If the New World had been visited extensively...and taught them things...then wouldn't they have accidently carried seeds with them on the ship? They would have had to have brought food or animals so they could eat. Evidence would have been found if this had been the case. I may be wrong, please correct me if I am. I just want to learn. Gracy

From: Scott "BlueOtter" Anderson
E-Mail: prophecykeeper@bigfoot.com

Comments: So you figured it out... about Abraham... I am a friend on Ron Pastore at www.moundmatrix.com ...here's another interesting tidbit... we Cherokee have been worshipping Ya-ho-we, or "Ti-kwa-la-s-gi" the "God of Lightning and Thunder" for 6012 years -- as of the first New Moon of last October... and in 1750, we were told we migrated here from the rising sun (probably the west then) before the last Ice Age. Abraham was from near Sumer... and the Hopi are related to the Sumerians. You ought to speak with an od Deer Clan chief, Leon Busby in Kansas... his family has been programming their descendants to reveal certain info should what amount to Semitic artifacts come out of the ground in the Americas... when Burrows Cave was made known, he started shouting about how Cherokees were present at Masada. I will get his phone number for you and get back to you. Scott Anderson Cheesyah Sagonigei (BlueOtter) AniWayah (Wolf Clan) www.wovoca.com Earth Mother crying: Journal of Prophecy of Native Peoples Worldwide

From: David
E-Mail: baksillum@hotmail.com

Comments: Hi- Is the Old Negev alphabet one and the same as "Cannanite" writings? I have heard of wall writings in the u.s that go back many years, are written in this script and translated as a message from "the sons of Cannan, who were washed ashore.." in antiquity. Could it be possible that North and South America were Atlantis of Myth. That terrible destruction occured globally and tradelines were cutoff from the old world to the new? There have been egyptian mummies discovered from the early dynasty that have in their makeup evidence of "cocaine and tobacco" use. Neither cocaine, nor tobacco existed in egypt, so, this is interesting. It is said that plato recieved the story of Atlantis from Criteaus who recieved it from Solon who recieved it from the egyptian priests. is it safe to say that the egyptians had contacts in the americas who were indeed the "atlanteans"? I think that we would probably discover much more intersting things about human history if we migrated to this paradigm instead of tossing away that which does not concur with biblical structure and established anthropological studies. after all, what the heck does "egyptologist" or "tibetologist" really mean? hahahaha. Best wishes David

From: Ty Roftwo
E-Mail: oneill1@ameritech.net

Comments: I was just curious about your recent expedition to the Four Corners area. I take it since you were "in the area" and made no mention of it that you don't buy into the lost egyptian tomb in the grand canyon. I would assume you are familiar with the story of the Kinkaid expedition and the supposed Smithsonian cover-up. Do you have any reasons to assume the story is a complete hoax? I find the whole thing fascinating and was interested in any original thoughts anyone might have on the subject. The only thing on the net is the same recirculated story over and over. Thanks. P.S. I had at one point found (on the net) a story with pictures of someone who attempted to find the tomb (the cave entrance to be more precise) and thought they might have. After spending far too much time on this I am unable to locate the story again.

From: David Campbell
E-Mail: fred-dobbs@usa.net

Comments: In response to Linda Siegrist,the lines you found sound similar to "The Footprint of Masau" found by Jack Andrews and Steve Wingate near the rim of the Grand Canyon.A photo of the phenomenon can be viewed at http.//www.gci-net.com/users/v/vrartist The author states that the formation of concentric spirals was formed by ants and is mentioned in a Hopi legend of Masau,who was a mishapen culture bringer encountered by the Hopi after they emerged from underground at the beginning of the 4th World.Hope that helps.

Regarding our story on The Origin of the Devil:

From: chimera
E-Mail: chimera in red @aol.com

Comments: This is in response to the article about the devil. I find a striking comparison to what I have come to know as "Atlantis" Through trance channeling and pastlife regressions I remember a place that I thought was Atlantis. I have read what I could of the Sumerians and also saw the allusion to beings from the heavens, as well as the connection to the Mesopotamians and perhaps more graphically so in art of Mycynae, which also depicts the great tidal wave. The spiritual guides told me that was the 2nd destruction of man. The first destruction due to a lack of power. The second destruction where the red sun was sank by the ocean caused by man's love of power, and the third destruction due to man's lack of love. I always felt these were events of the past, but now I am starting to think that the third destruction is yet to happen because of man's lack of love and respect for the earth. I hope I am not being to cryptic, but it is not something I have ever felt vey comfortable talking to any one about. I looked into these areas because of re-occurring dreams I have had since childhood of different places I lived in these dreams, totally alien yet each quite familiar, being illustrated in ancient writings and art. The last destruction is what I call the red place, with great winds and swirling red dust and the unforgettable, dull, empty, remorse because man is and will be no more. This would confirm your hypothesis that the devil comes from within.

From: Dirk DeVries
E-Mail: dirkd@teleport.com

Comments: Your article "Origin of the Devil" parallels the work of Zecharhia Sitchen who wrote a whole series of books on the Nefilim and ancient humanity. I enjoyed this article very much since it addresses one of the great mysteries--that of humanity's origins. Thanks for a great read. If anyone seeks more information of this amazing era Professor Sitchen's work is extensive, well researched and intriguing. I think anyone finding this report interesting will enjoy the labors of Zecharhia Sitchen

From: Gracy Lionheart
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Comments: About the origins of the devil...while the Sumerian civilization (Uruk Period 3,900 B.C. - 3,100 B.C. is when I consider them first to fulfill the textbook definition of a civilization) came into being rather rapidly, didn't they have roots in the Ubaid Period (5,600 B.C. -3,900 B.C.)? Even before that are the Hassuna Culture (6,000 B.C. -5,250 B.C.), the Halaf Culture (5,550 B.C.-4,700 B.C.), and the Samarra Culture (5,500 B.C.-4,800 B.C.). At the site of Tell-es-Sawaan (a Samarran site beginning around 5,500 B.C.) was there not a central storage building that was t-shaped...just like the early temples of the later cultures? Before that are the Neolithic and Natufian times. (Although the later cultures do have a radical change from those times). Also, why is it odd that people would have legends about extra-terrestrials? The Bible tells us God created the heavens. What about the Dogon tribe in Mali, West Africa? They talk of a race of amphibious extra-terrestrial's in their oral traditions. These beings were from the Sirius system. These people predicted Sirius B AND the suspected Sirius C. References made to mer-man like people populate myths in Babylonian, Accadian, and Sumerian myths. Even the Egyption goddess Isis was sometimes depicted as a mermaild and linked with the star Sirius. Why should an ancient people who were obviously advanced lack imagination? The story about the star also made me remember a certain author Immanuel Velikosky. Do you lend any creedence to his theories? Anyway, I was just curious. I would love some feed back please. Gracy

E-Mail: kvidal@starplace.com
Comments: Human beings have brooded over why we actually exist at all in this Universe? Were we created by a kind, lonely and hidden God? Were we invented by a high-tech civilization from deep space which remains hidden as all the gods? Did our minds just pop up from magic matter on planet Earth when the same kind of atoms are everywhere in cosmos? The question is could there be another explanation to why we exist at all? A spiritual philosophy and scientific theory, united. Our Creator is nothing than our Real Self from a parallel Universe. The UFOs is a gateway to 'Ourselves'.

From: Dave
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Comments: RE: the Devil Lived, If you look at the characters of the story of the gods, you will see the close resemblence of one character to Lucifer of the Bible. His job was to protect the throne of God (the one and only) and he became envious and wanted to be in charge. So he started a war and got booted out of heaven, turned into a demon along with all his minions, he convinced 1/3 of the angels to join him. So it seems to be simply a retelling of the same story.

From: Coyt Taylor Wilson
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Comments: Now that I've read the Nephilim article containing the origins of the christian Satan (the Jainist heretic Satan-Ikas with the body of Zu of the Sumerian nephilim epic), I understand what was on Ron Hubbard's mind when he wrote Battlefield Earth and believed himself the reincarnation of Aliester Crowley. For those who care to know, Hubbard was a red head with freckles, considered a devilish trait back when he was a kid, the spots called "Body raisins". Okay, so like Crowley he considered Judeochristianity to be a bunch of bunk. But what if the sumerian nephilim epic and the Jainist heretic are myths as well? One thing is sure, Shinto is exactly like the Hebrew rites of Aaron, give or take a little pantheism, and Japanese is arguably evolved from ancient Hebrew. I would never have found that out nor visited the grave of Jesus, Mary and his brother who died on the cross for him had I joined Scientology. But like Scientology, the Aum Shenryko cult, too, is built around concealing the truth, and I don't recommend joining it either. Search all the words "Jesus Japan" on Google. Jesus, like Satan-Ikas, was a prodigy and a civilizer. I'll bet the former studied the latter ...

From: kv
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Comments: Hello to all - I agree, with the gentalmen jeff who,argues the truth of the(unknown and)what is known, is that evoltion try's to cover up all evidences that could deliver us the truth of our ancesters, that we are a segment of an original design what they want us to accept is theory's from a people who have no critical thought? they are not scientific? or scientist. Still they continue to push this with impunity. Evolution, is nothing more than santa clause dressed the red suit( the RABBIT TRAIL,leading nowhere.) I felt lied to as a child, but I am now an adult, I ask (they,them,those?) you dare to call yourself scientist's and historians, rename this evil most high, rename it evilotion.( are we all return to the dark ages of dogma)I'm throwing the gauntlet of truth that it may infest the marrow of your bone. ( I am an angry child) Dare they inhibit me from my creator and truth, I ask you! what are you so affraid of, the lack of control? If it exist's show it. To fear the unknown is evil, they fear how mankind will react to the truth. And maybe we will no no-longer might we be perfect little slaves to honor the (monkey) money machine, therefor we would be mindless drones. rewrite your history books, I have children. Kv

From: TJ
E-Mail: dreamqatcher@yahoo.com

Comments: This is a letter in reaction to the article "DEVIL LIVES" OK, very interesting indeed, and the writer really did a good job of selling it, giving the reader the option of believing or not believing, yet insisting on belief... So, according to the article, there is no God and no devilguy - just aliens who sought earth's gold, and that humans are half monkey, half alien and that the great flood occured because the monkey-aliens kept on doing the "wild thing". And in closure, the devil really was some wussy putz who stole an alien's stuff and didn't get away with it and then got a really bad ass-whoopin'. So, what about millions of religious experiences world wide - good and bad? Can we contribute these to a primal part of our brain which causes us to feel and see i.e. hallucinate? Where did the aliens go? Are angels the aliens? Are ghosts and spirits aliens? Is the Bible just a big book of fairy tales? Is God, Jesus and religion just the church bosses' way to control people and get rich - ultimate power and control? And has the writer of the 'devil lives' article ever heard of the book of Enoch? Your article held some interesting and unique theories, scary as well. But, there are absolutely GIGANTIC holes in it. I suggest, in my humble opinion, that the writer should dig a little deeper, because there is a celestial element out there - non-alien - that can't simply be explained away by stories written on rocks. There are many theories out there, and if you connect them ALL, then only will the truth - or a piece of it - be known. There is no ONE true theory, and there certainly are Divine and Evil worlds having direct influences on earth. Ciao TJ

Odds n' Ends:

From: Alnona
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Comments: I am hooked on your site. I found several different fields I am interested in. I was impressed by one of your previous articles "Observations of Telepathy in a Hypnotic State" by Michael Peace. I would very much like to email or speak to Mr. Peace if at all possible. I will be emailing your site to several people. Please keep the information flowing.

From: gary vey
E-Mail: editor@viewzone.com

Comments: Running a magazine like Viewzone afford an opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of news-worthy material and scientific discoveries. Not all of these discoveries and facts become widely know to the public and this has been an area of concern that I hope to enlist your support in changing. Here is but one "seed" that needs to be planted and grown so that it is incontrovertible: In a recent story on homosexuality I learned that the scientific community has known for many years that this is caused by a hormonal imbalance dring the first 3-6 weeks of gestation. The bio-chemical for gendered brains is well known and attributed to the hypothalamus. By sending the wrong chemical signals during the early pregnancy, when the brain is forming, it is possible that the hypothalamus forms as one gender while the remaining physique develops normally as another gender. This is equally true for males and females and has held to a constant 17% in the general population. Why do we still have sexual preference descrimination then? If it is really NOT a matter of choice, but a matter of birth, then why is the hositility and hatred still not being condemned in the pulpits and halls of justice? I welcome all gay and non-gay men and women to further this exciting research and to make the facts known.

From: Peter Jenkins
E-mail: peja@xtra.co.nz

I been following this whole debate a while now with interest. I'm an openly gay male, 38, and I always knew since I was a kid that I was born that way. And no, Mark Tierno's theory that its an outcome of sexual abuse doesnt fit me or many other gay men I know. I didnt have my first same sex experience until I was 18, although I'd been looking at the boys for the longest time before that! Personally I reckon now that my sexuality is a gift from God, and I treat it with the respect and reverence that it deserves and thank the Good Lord for it and my lovely partner in prayer every week. I always have known it aint no choice, I did initially try to fight it, of course that failed as it always does (except with bisexuals for who both options are open!). The only choice to be made is whether you accept the gift and make the best use of it, or struggle vainly against it. Saying its a choice puts it at the same level as what sort of beer you drink or what brand of car or pickup truck to drive. These are easily changeable things, I could trade my big old V8 for a lil' Jap car tommorrow if I wanted to - but I wont! Regards and God Bless You - Peter Jenkins

From: David Innis
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Comments: Just an observation on the Mars "tubes". In the photo, it appears that there are TWO portions of the tube that have been burned or heated somewhat to the bursting point, and the portion on the left-most end appears to have the top of the tube blown out (still connected, though). Also, above both of these places, the soil looks like it has been "scortched". Could it be plausible to assume that whatever was in the tube somehow exploded or burst thru the tube, burning the soil? It sure looks like it to me. If I was a plumber and was looking for evidence of an old leak of some sort, I'd pretty much conclude that I've found it. Comments? David Innis, North Carolina

From: Lynn E-Mail: AnGelFirE582x@hotmail.com Comments: Hello. This submission is about the theory of CROP CIRCLES. I am to believe that I may have a decent scientific hypothesis as to why this amazing and mysterious Phenomena occurs. THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE: Over the years, eyewitnesses have reported seeing "lights" or "flashes" above CROP CIRCLE sites. What are these strange "lights"? I think they are basic energy orbs, which are among us every day, leaving us oblivious to their existence. However, what do these "orbs" have to do with the occurences of CROP CIRCLES? Simple! This is my theory: Because people have reported seeing these orbs, I have taken notice to the shape of the orbs, and the shape of the crop circles....THE SAME SHAPE. This is what made me think. Scientists have concluded that these circles are plants that are bent over...not broken. It is not scientifically possible for a HUMAN FORCE to BEND over these plants withouit breaking them. They figure that it's a supernatural force. I agree. I think these energy orbs hover over the sites of the crop circles. I believe that the energy from the "ORBS" have created some kind of gravitational force, drawing to the earth, causing the plants to BEND through the force of the GRAVITY, and the ENERGY. But why do the crops result in CIRCLULAR shapes? I think that is a reciprocation of the image of the "ORB." Whatever the shape of the "ORB" is, that is the shape of the entire CROP CIRCLE. Similar to a mirror reflection, only flipped around. (Reciprocation.) This is just my scientific hypothesis as to why we experience these forces. Are they Paranormal? Can they be scientifically explained? Or is it just a mystery? From: Rick E-Mail: tagget@stargods.com Comments: What a great site! Lots of current info. It is hard to find this material on line. -Rick- http://stargods.org From: Lorae Ireland E-Mail: lorae41@yahoo.com Comments: printed by permission from my good friend, Rodger O. -Lorae Ireland Message: 14 Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 16:52:42 -0800 From: "Rodger O." Subject: TV production-- Geologists and energy anomaly testing; sacred site/power vortex/UFO phenomena Does anyone know any geologists who are conducting field testing in measuring signature energies that I can contact for potential collaboration including possible filming interviews in respective studies or field investigations? I'm developing several segments in TV/videography filming projects involving unusual and paranormal phenomena including UFO, spiritual entities and paranormal anomalies; star visitors and related content. As an independent producer and videogragher, I'm researching into putting a map together of vortex energies, EM disturbances, ley lines, sacred sites, UFO sitings, crop circles and looking at energy grid characteristic patterns, sequential and statistical forecasting and map dowsing. Look forward to any geologist referrals-- Rodger From: J E-Mail: 2803eldridge@rogers.com Comments: Great publication. I hope one day to work for you in some capacity. From: Martí Pié Boada
E-Mail: martipie56@hotmail.com

Comments: Congratulations for your interesting work. Is very interesting for me the article about Pedra de Gavea. Could you inform me please how high is the face, just the face, of the Pedra de Gàvea? I'll thank very much, is very important for me because I'm studying about a face in Spain. I have an article about it published already in my country ("Historia16" and "Enigmas" magazine and some newspapers) and I'm interested to give to know the huge face on cliffs to other countries. I think it's something important and is linked with an study I've made about prhistory of the zone. Is possible to publish it in your web or if you know any magazine? I have the article in spanish but I could try to translate. I wait your answer. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Martí Pié Corbera (Barcelona) Spain. martipie56@hotmail.com

From: Smar Taz
E-Mail: smartaz@rubyridge.com

Comments: "Is this an artificial construct on Mars?" This identical effect is painfully obvious here in the Arizona desert: it is called "washboard road". It happens any time a surface has particles of differing densities but nearly the same size. The action of a car driving on a dirt road will always cause it. It is also seen, on a larger scale, in sand dunes and in the sandy bottoms of washes. Looking closely at the first picture in the article, you will see that the same stripe effect appears in the ground on each side of the gully, but the stripes are farther apart. In the second picture the stripe effect is seen along the sides of the gully, but the particles also fall when they move. If the scientists seem uninterested, it may be because it is such a common effect, and of no particular importance to anybody. Patterns resembling water flow are much more important, and they get a lot more attention.

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